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A specialist HR Consultancy supporting employees through difficult workplace HR matters

  • Are you worried about your job security or the risk of rendundancy?

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When traditionally thinking of HR, the first thing that comes to mind is the Human Resources department at your place of work. They manage your salary, contracts, pension and internal processes whilst protecting the interests of your employer.

But have you ever thought about who would support you when you need advice to protect your own interests? 

That's where BeKindhr comes in! 

Whether you are seeking advice on a contract, your employee rights, or are facing a difficult decision at work, BeKindhr are here to help you (the employee) to find a resolution. Our no-nonsense, personal approach will help give you clarity and perspective, enabling you to confidently tackle workplace challenges with the support of an experienced HR consultant.

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Grace Wint

The Employee HR Consultant

My working career has spanned over 30 years and for a significant part of this time I worked within the airline industry.  I spent many years managing staff and working within absence management and performance management systems for the teams I managed.  In my later years as a Business Partner at the airline I managed negotiations with Trade Union representatives on all matters relating to employment policy. 


In 2011 I became a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I moved away from the airline industry and spent the next few years working in senior HR roles in the private sector within Hotel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Facilities Management, Retail Furniture sector and then later moved to public sector roles both local and central government.


During my working career I have raised two children and been a carer for elderly parents and have juggled the work-life balance of kids and parents alongside busy and demanding roles. 


I now spend my time helping employees to navigate their work conflicts and provide HR Consultancy to small businesses and Charities as well as being a Board Member of a local Charity in Buckinghamshire that supports survivors of abuse; using my HR skills and knowledge to support the development of the business plan.


Having a good all-round knowledge and experience of the portfolio of HR work, I would be keen to support on any of the following (this list is not exhaustive):


·       Redundancy process

·       People Management 

·       Performance Management 

·       Conflict Management/Resolution 

·       Tackling Bullying & Harassment 

·       Recruitment and Selection 

·       Review of employment policies


I am very passionate about fairness and doing right by all manner of people and hold this ethos for all the clients I work with. 


Your consultant

About Your Consultant

    Case Studies    

Our Service
performance conflict

Senior Manager – Construction/Engineering

Issue: Client arrived at work one day and received a letter from the CEO stating they needed to set up a meeting regarding performance issues.  There had not been any previous conversations about their performance before.

Action: This client had a one-off conversation with me that helped them to position their view and strategy at the meeting which resulted in a positive outcome for the client.

Result: Win-win for Client and Employer

New Employee Probation Period

Marketing Executive

Issue: Client had just started a new role and contacted me when they were part way through their 3-month probation period.  Their employer advised them that they would be extending their probation for a further 3 months due to a reference received from a previous employer. 

Action: This client had several telephone conversations with me.  I also reviewed their contract of employment and performance documentation to help them position their actions and response with their employer.

Result: Clear direction for future working options for Client

Hostile Colleague Interactions

NHS Practitioner

Issue: Client contacted me when they were experiencing hostile interactions from work colleagues and requests to carry out tasks by line manager that other team members where not asked to do. 

Actions: This client had several telephone conversations with me.  I also reviewed documentation before client sent out communications to their employer.

Result: The result was a finding in favour of the client by the employer that they were being treated differently because of their gender.

Medical Leave

Sales Executive

Issue: Client contacted me when they had been off sick after a couple of weeks with a medical condition that was advised to employer when they started in the role as they have a disability that requires reasonable adjustments.

Actions: The client had a one-off conversation with me and following advice they were able to work out a return to work plan with their employer that suited them and helped the employer understand the client’s needs at work that helps them carry out their role more effectively when their disability becomes intolerable.

Result: Win-win for Client and Employer


“When I received a letter from HR to attend a disciplinary hearing I was anxious, stressed and wasn’t sure what to do. I contacted ‘Be Kind HR’ and spoke to Grace, she responded to my questions with great empathy and courtesy. Her explanations were thorough, and when I didn’t understand, she explained them fully by “my side”.  Grace listened and she was able to relieve some of my anxiety and put me at ease. She guided me throughout the whole process and she is very meticulous. Grace has a keen eye for details when it comes to documentation. I will unreservedly recommend her.”



"Grace was so empathetic and understanding as a mentor while I was in the process of being laid off in a stressful way. She always had time for me and went out of her way to look at my contracts, reviewing communication and problems that occurred. She even helped me get a better outcome when I was laid off as I had no one at the company on my side. Without Grace, I would have been in a severely worse position and out of my depth in terms of what my rights are as an employee. 

I cannot recommend Grace enough if you are having problems at work."

- Elizabeth, Executive


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